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As we mentioned earlier the company Tapetar d.d. Sarajevo early beginnings go back to 1952., when the workshop "Tapetar" Sarajevo became mayor upholstering and decorative works company, TAPETAR Sarajevo.
Over the period of nineties, the company employed over 60 workers and the results was reflected in numerous references where you could find various subjects in which they worked out through the complete equipping of facilities, the interior decorative works, exterior shutters and blinds on residential and commercial complex , commodity and shopping centers, hotels, motels, resorts, etc..
In the period of 1992. to 1995. the company has existed on the basis of minimum capacity for the government needs and its institutions.
Since 1996. the company moves into the reconstruction, the truth with much smaller capacity, but in the industry still very strong and respectable organization that has a stake in rebuilding and restauration bigger facilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
After some years as a social enterprise, The company is privatized and becomes a stock company "Tapetar" dd Sarajevo, with over 100 shareholders, both large and small, mostly employees.



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