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Company Profile

The aim of our company is to bring our customers and business partners the highest quality products and best value price / quality ratio. We like our customers satisfied by any means or service provided.
Company Tapetar dd Sarajevo deals with wholesale trade (service – decorative work, upholstery, sewing, Furnishing of space), and retailing with products among where you will find everything for your home, such as:
  • All kinds of home textiles,
  • Modern wallpapers,
  • Photo wallpaper,
  • Classic curtains,
  • Decor curtains,
  • Roller curtains,
  • Strip curtains,
  • Panel package curtains,
  • Meeting curtains,
  • Roman curtains,
  • Blankets and covers,
  • Decorative tapes,
  • Bed linen and pillows,
  • Curtain rods, tracks, sliders,
  • Shutters,
  • Shades,
  • Floor Coverings
  • Aluminum, PVC and wooden blinds (internal and external).
In addition, we give emphasis to the special collections of hand made oriental rugs from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China and other ancient countries from the East. With the high quality we offer the best prices in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond to all of our customers.

In addition to our own repertoire, it is possible to find a special program, such as inert collection, which is suitable for hotels, apartments and restaurants.



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Create Your Own Unique Decor! You have arrived at the best source for quality custom created wall murals, wallpaper, borders and environmental graphics. Whether you are looking for a corporate mural that embodies your company mission, a border of your children for a family room, or a custom Art Deco wallpaper theme – we can make it happen.