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Welcome to the website of Tapetar (upholster) d.d. Sarajevo. The company belongs to the group of final works in construction and exists over 60 years from establishment, with its production and service activities in the area of upholstering and interiour decorative works, as well as exteriour onces.
Company Tapetar d.d. Sarajevo early beginnings go back to 1952., when the workshop "Tapetar" Sarajevo became MAYOR UPHOLSTERING AND DECORATIVE WORKS COMPANY, TAPETAR Sarajevo.
Namely, Tapetar d.d. Sarajevo is a well known name in the region of former Yugoslavia, but even outside of its borders.
In reference to our company can be found various subjects where we worked full equipping of facilities of interiour decorative works, as well as exteriour onces, the shutter housing complexes, business, trade centers, hotels, motels, tourist resorts, etc.
Our aims is to play a determinant role in the upholstery market with its good quality products and services of high standard. Keeping focus on quality, we seek to satisfy the requirements of a widening range of customers.
We launched web site of the company hoping its designed for all types of visitors, both for our business partners and for those who are there purely to find out more details about us, our activities, business policies, references, possible involvement.
Visual company identity (Logo) of high resolution can be taken here.


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